Wall Upholstery

There’s something extraordinary about a room with upholstered walls — and it’s not just the visual stimulation. When you walk in, you can immediately notice the difference in sound, too, or rather lack of it. Footsteps don’t resonate, speech is quieted and that hollow echo that sometimes fills a room is absent, resulting in an intimate, relaxed experience. Wall upholstery also provides several other functional benefits. It provides great insulation helping improve a room's acoustical properties and aesthetically covers most structural imperfections in a wall’s surface. Wall upholstery starts by creating a frame around the perimeter of walls, windows, doors, bulk heads, columns and around any electrical fittings. The walls are then covered with a padding in between the frame. The padding creates a soft to the touch feel and keeps the walls from looking visually flat as well as making the room acoustically sound. The fabric is then cut and sewn together to create one uniform piece, fabrics with patterns or stripes are carefully matched and stitched to create a visual impact. The fabric is then stretched across the padded walls and stapled to the very edges of the frame. We then finish the stapled edge with a decorative braid or double piping, the double piping can be made on request with the same fabric as the upholstered wall fabric. Contact our team of experts for a free consultation.