Bed Frame

Do you want a furniture unit that turns your bedroom into a hotel suite? Fabric upholstered beds are a great way to add the sophisticated and lavish look to a bedroom. The upholstered bed is structured with frames and a headboard which are covered and padded in the fabric. Its soft padding makes the headboard more comfortable with the classy look. These beds are available in various colors and textures and can be chosen according to your taste and comfort. The fabric upholstered beds have many benefits due to its height. The headboard is raised high above your bed, so this makes it perfect heat proof and sound control. This provides you with a more comfortable and peaceful experience while you sleep. Also, this style of bed maintains or preserves heat. Also, it prevents cushions and pillows from falling off from the head of the upholstered bed, because it is covered from the back. This style of the bed can be the center of attraction of your room and with so many advantages you will not regret buying this unit of the furniture. Here in Carolina Custom Design we will be happy to walk you through the designing process and help you achieve your dream bedroom. If you are planning to buy